jQuery-UI and Meteor

I have been working on Virtual Playbill for the last few weeks using meteor, bootstrap, and a number of other UI packages. I wanted to use a datepicker as a form field, but getting jQuery-ui working was not a straightforward package download as many other features are. There are currently 5 packages available for installation on Atmosphere (the meteor package manager), and I attempted several of them before finding the combination that worked:

1. Install the jQuery-ui package from Atmosphere

mrt add jquery-ui

2. Download jQuery-ui

For me, the meteorite package did not properly install the css or images I needed to get the datepicker working, so I downloaded jquery-ui, swiped the css file (un-minified), and added it to my client/stylesheets folder.

3. Add jQuery-ui images

The css styled the datepicker calendar perfectly, except for the previous month and next month buttons. jQuery-ui comes with a few standard icons, so I placed the jQuery-ui images folder in /public, since static files must be kept in a public folder for meteor to acknowledge them.

4. Relocate the images

The jQuery-ui css file tries to locate the images in its parent folder, but as I mentioned, static assets = public folder. The advantage of the public folder is that all assets can be referenced with a leading slash: /images. I scanned the un-minified version of the css and changed the image url locations from images/... to /images/...

Voila! A beautiful, functional datepicker!