More About Keighty

Well, hello! I’m a very proud Canadian, hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, living the glamorous expatriot life in Portland, Oregon. I’m a software developer by profession, but as you can probably tell by the mishmash of stuff on this blog, I am interested in a lot of different things. I love to read, and my obsessions are personal productivity, psychology, and history. I love to travel, because it forces me to be uncomfortable — I believe that growth only happens by being uncomfortable — which is why I am always learning new technology stacks.

2016 was a breakout year of technical growth for me, learning how to build instrumentation for JavaScript applications and how to work in a high-throughput production Java system. I have taken courses in algorithms, graphic design, concurrency, and browser performance testing, and (thanks to Wes Bos, I am now an expert in ES6 and esoteric browser APIs :D ). I built a few apps for personal use, including a learning grid, interview preparation site, and a creativity inspiration site, as well as a data parsing app for a friend.

The next side projects I have in mind include exploring the use of web workers (perhaps with an implementation of Conway’s Game of Life), and finishing the rewrite of Virtual Playbill into React (possibly building a hybrid app?). I am hoping to continue to travel this year with an emphasis on spending more time out of doors. So far, we are planning Alaska, Boston, and Montreal.